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How to Speak English Confidently in 6 Months...

...without boring grammar lessons!

In the EFS Coaching Programme, we help professionals speak English,

so they can communicate with confidence and advance in their career.

Watch the first 3 videos from the programme to see how it works:


Need to know how this would work for YOU?


On this call, we'll create your plan to speak English with confidence.

Then, if we both think we're a good match to work together, we can talk about that also.

1. What kind of Programme is this?

This is a step-by-step coaching programme  for intermediate-level English learners.

I will guide you on how you can express yourself with confidence and impress others with your communication skills in English.

This programme is designed to give you a clear path in a supportive environment to reach your goals

2. Who is this programme for?

This is for you if you are ready to speak English with confidence and now you need help.

You're not sure how you can improve your language skills in the fastest way possible and you need a proven programme that works!

You have a dream and speaking English will help you achieve that dream and make it a reality.

3. Why was this programme created?

We know the obstacles people face when trying to become fluent in English.

Most people don't know exactly what they have to do to speak fluently and lose motivation, but it's easy when you know how!

We are here to provide the immersive environment you need to improve your communication skills.

4. When are the LIVE meetings?

This programme is running all the time! As soon as you enrol, you can start immediately.

You can access the on-demand training 24/7 at any time that works for you on the course portal. We will help you create your own schedule.

Join the LIVE Meetings on Wednesdays (1 p.m. GMT), Thursdays (1 p.m. GMT) and Saturdays (10 a.m. GMT) in the student support group on Zoom.

5. Where can I access the programme?

You can access the programme at any time from your laptop or mobile device.

When you sign up you'll enter the course portal that contains all the Step-By-Step videos, templates, and other resources you need.

You can also join the Live weekly meetings on Zoom and in the private student support group.

6. How does the programme work?

We focus on a key skill every week. This makes sure you know exactly what to do.

Watch the training videos and complete the activities yourself so you can get the most out of the Live classes.

Join the Live coaching sessions and conversation classes to get support and practise communicating with your coach and the other students.


7. What's included?

βœ…Coaching & Feedback

Stay motivated & improve every day.

βœ…Guided Communication Practice (with real people!) 

Speak naturally (confidence comes from experience!).

βœ…Real-Life Skills

People will pay attention to you and see you as a professional.

βœ…Step-By-Step Training System

Know exactly what to focus on every step of the way.

βœ…Safe supportive environment 

Surrounding yourself with the right people is the best way to guarantee success!

What Our Clients Say...


How can I make sure this is right for ME?

Book a free strategy call with Shane.

You will get some advice on how you can reach your goal for learning English.

After that, if we both feel we are a good match to work together on helping you reach this goal, we can talk about how that works and you can decide if you want to join the full programme or not.


Who is Shane Mackey?

I’m a highly qualified English fluency coach with over 20 years of experience. I have helped thousands of people enjoy the results of speaking English naturally, and I know exactly what you need to communicate with confidence, so you can achieve your goals!

I have a Master’s degree in Online & Distance Education, so I am an expert on developing high quality online programmes. I have a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering, so I am skilled in designing effective systems. I am a licensed teacher by the Thai Ministry of Education. I am a qualified (TESOL) instructor, and I have been actively engaged in professional development since I began teaching English in 2003. This is my passion!

What will I be able to do after joining this programme?

βœ…Enjoy an English Fluency Lifestyle 

...so you can get real results FAST!

βœ… Inspire People with Your Ideas

...so you can make a difference in the world!

βœ… Use The Power of Storytelling

...so people will love listening to you!

βœ… Use The Art of Negotiation

...so you can create "win-win" results for everyone around you!

βœ… Persuade & Influence People

...so you can motivate people and get positive results!

βœ… Talk Like TED

...so you can deliver TED-worthy presentations!

βœ…Understand Others Easily

...so you never feel lost or disconnected again!

βœ…Express Yourself Confidently

...so people pay attention to you and see you as a professional!

βœ…Communicate Effectively

...so you can enjoy success in business & life!



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